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Data Science Services

mi | data offers a comprehensive kit of data analytics services to convert our customers’ historical and real-time, traditional and big data into actionable insights.

mi | data supports businesses on their data analytics journeys by preparing the data and the environment, as well as applying different types of analytics to provide businesses with actionable insights.

Datascience Services

  • Predictive Maintanence

    Predictive maintenance solutions predict failure and quality issues to avoid equipment downtime and reduce overall maintenance costs. These solutions even detect minor issues and patterns of failure to determine which assets are at the highest risk for problems and failure. Identification of maintenance problems allows you to use your resources in the most cost effective manner as well as maximize the time your equipment is working. Anticipating when, where, and how maintenance problems will occur can improve efficiency and reduce costs. We can build predictive maintenance models to help you get the most from your assets.

  • Customer Segementation

    Customer segmentation involves dividing customers into groups of people with similar interests or characteristics in order to effectively market products and services. There are a few steps to customer segmentation. First, we will determine unique market segments and identify the attributes of those segments. Second, we will identify the prospects who are most likely to buy your product or service. Then, we will select strategies tailored to each customer segment, beginning with the segments that are most valuable to your business. Finally, we will determine the marketing activities with the greatest impact and optimize your campaigns and your business to fit the needs of your customers.

  • Price and Coupon Optimization

    Price optimization allows retailers to price their products and services according to analytics-based solutions. This ultimately allows for better decision-making in terms of pricing correctly. Using optimization, we can create a solution for your business to give you the optimal price for your products and services. Coupons are a great way to attract new customers. It is important to offer the right deal, and we can use analytics to make your coupons as effective as possible. We can provide coupon optimization solutions that will be the best for your business.

  • Text Analytics

    Text analytics is the process of transposing words into numerical values in order to analyze them using data mining techniques and solve business problems. Using an iterative approach, we can successfully use text analytics to gain insight into content-specific values like emotion, relevance, and sentiment.Our data scientists have worked for leading search engines and advertising platforms. We specialize in text processing and analytics using state of the art tools and techniques.

  • Customer Churn

    Customer churn costs a company two things: lost revenue and marketing dollars to make up for the lost customer. The ability to predict that a certain customer is at high risk for churn, and do something to decrease that risk, represents a potential revenue source.

    Are you looking for a customized customer churn model? We can help.

  • Internet of things

    The Internet of Things refers to the interconnection of embedded computing-like devices that are uniquely identifiable within the existing Internet infrastructure. For example, the IoT can refer to devices such as transponders in farm animals, cars with built-in sensors, and smart thermostat systems with remote monitoring.

    We can help apply IoT solutions to drive business value.

  • Market Basket Analysis

    Conducting market basket analysis helps us understand the purchase behavior of consumers. We can then utilize this information to cross sell, upsell, and properly configure sales promotions, discounts, loyalty programs, and store design.

    We can perform market basket analysis to help your company improve in these areas.

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